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OC || Nikrar by achidester OC || Nikrar :iconachidester:achidester 1 0 OC || Burroh by achidester OC || Burroh :iconachidester:achidester 0 0 OC || Doeret Haronu by achidester OC || Doeret Haronu :iconachidester:achidester 1 1 OC | Split by achidester OC | Split :iconachidester:achidester 1 0 Swing Dance by achidester Swing Dance :iconachidester:achidester 2 3 Meet the Artist! by achidester Meet the Artist! :iconachidester:achidester 1 0 Strivi Valentine Card Thingymabobber (Updated) by achidester Strivi Valentine Card Thingymabobber (Updated) :iconachidester:achidester 1 0 Strivi Vovard by achidester Strivi Vovard :iconachidester:achidester 4 2 tEm ShOp! by achidester tEm ShOp! :iconachidester:achidester 0 0
PROJECT:SHADOW - Part 2 - The Squire's Show
Two players walk towards the firepit, one is a boy with spiky red hair, and the other one is a girl with long, brown-orange hair. They sit next to each other silently and start the fire, looking at the flames.
   “Say, Alpha, you think we’ll see the lady from the quest? Kirb sent me the details, she seems pretty strong,” The girl says, looking at Alpha.
   Alpha looks at the girl and smiles, and he replies, “Not sure Flamey, but if we do run into the lady, I’m sure we can take her down!”
   At that moment, I gag, their voices are too lovey-dovey for my taste. I slowly shift back into a physical form, making sure the two in front of me don’t notice. Once within my full physical form, I begin to slowly tiptoe away.
   A snapping sound is heard as I step on a stray twig from one of the other firepits. Alpha looks over to the sound and notices me.
   “Uh…. Who are you?” He asks, co
:iconachidester:achidester 0 0
PROJECT:SHADOW - Part 1 - Appearance
Setting: TOME
Time: Around Episode 11
Notes: There is no challenge of the netkings in this book, this is set in an alternate timeline of events.
“TOME… The Terrain of Magical Expertise… Has its one year anniversary today! I remember when I joined those many eons ago!” A dragon exclaims out, his hair blowing in the wind, “That was when I met sir GameCrazed! Oh what wonders awaited me on that fine day!”
GameCrazed, a purple slime-like creature, looks at the dragon and replies, “Nylocke, I would expect such a wonderful speech from you.”
Nylocke looks at GameCrazed and laughs wholeheartedly. A short man with grey skin, wearing all turquoise clothing looks over and groans, not wanting to hear Nylocke’s rambling.
Nylocke transfers his stare to the man, and he states, “Squire Kirbopher, aren’t thou excited for what the Netkings have planned?! They have yet to release the event and I’
:iconachidester:achidester 2 0
Project Shadow by achidester Project Shadow :iconachidester:achidester 2 0 Experiment E by achidester Experiment E :iconachidester:achidester 0 0 OC Edit by achidester OC Edit :iconachidester:achidester 0 0


OC | Blood brothers by Jujumouse OC | Blood brothers :iconjujumouse:Jujumouse 11 0 The Elementi-Prologue P1 by Scorching-Scotch The Elementi-Prologue P1 :iconscorching-scotch:Scorching-Scotch 3 0 The Elementi - comic cover by Scorching-Scotch The Elementi - comic cover :iconscorching-scotch:Scorching-Scotch 2 0 Katana Bride by ALAGANTM Katana Bride :iconalagantm:ALAGANTM 398 31 Oc | please stop talking by Jujumouse Oc | please stop talking :iconjujumouse:Jujumouse 12 2 Blah blah blah by ishift49 Blah blah blah :iconishift49:ishift49 93 20 Mouse N Bird by oliverlindau Mouse N Bird :iconoliverlindau:oliverlindau 127 9 Needle felted bunny miniature by BethMiniWorld Needle felted bunny miniature :iconbethminiworld:BethMiniWorld 231 43 The amber Spyglass by 25kartinok The amber Spyglass :icon25kartinok:25kartinok 400 18 preening dragons by Chaotic-Muffin preening dragons :iconchaotic-muffin:Chaotic-Muffin 2,705 53 Homestuck | It him by Jujumouse Homestuck | It him :iconjujumouse:Jujumouse 14 4 Homestuck | What's that by Jujumouse Homestuck | What's that :iconjujumouse:Jujumouse 8 2 Homestuck | happy birfday janey by Jujumouse Homestuck | happy birfday janey :iconjujumouse:Jujumouse 17 2
4/13/17 (John X Reader)
John awoke bright and early, an excited smile creeping across his face as his consciousness was returned to him from deep, dreamy sleep. Eagerly, he flipped over, resting on his elbow, stating,
“Hey (Y/N), guess what day it is?”
But right after he said this, he realized you were nowhere in his foggy, glasses-less view. Actually, beyond the creamy colored bedsheets, all he saw was a sea of rainbow. Grabbing his glasses from the nearby nightstand, he realized the objects littering his floor were balloons. He chuckled at the sight, knowing it had to be you who did this. It was so like you to go above and beyond on his special day. Wading to the window through the mass of festivity, John tugged on the handle, but it did not give way. He found a note taped to the door, and on it was written,
Hey, John! I have a big birthday surprise for you! But first, you should pop the balloons! I hid the key in one of them. Good luck!
John stomped hi
:icontoastergal:Toastergal 13 24
Those Kids by GoGreenDalmatian Those Kids :icongogreendalmatian:GoGreenDalmatian 5 0 get a girlfriend who's evil by celestialMess get a girlfriend who's evil :iconcelestialmess:celestialMess 14 5



OC || Burroh
So in Biology we cloned a Burro's Tail plant. I decided to make an OC out of it!
Throat's been bothering me basically all weekend.

Every time i breathe out through my mouth i sound like a bear growling

Help plz
OC || Doeret Haronu
Meet Doeret, the highblood with a rebellious and bitchy attitude! The fantroll information chart is from homestuckresources on tumblr. Doeret belongs to me and yeah, enjoy.
OC | Split
Well, this is Split! He is one of my old OCs, and this is a half assed ref. He has an ability to take a victim and split them into their most dominant personalities. (EX: One of them is brave, and the other one is very cheerful) He can then separate the two halves of the person, and the two halves need to reunite and "fuse" to become the normal victim again!
I'm not gonna continue it so yeah


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